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Canine Wilderness Trails

Going the extra mile, literally!

PUPPY TRAILS   45 mins

Puppies need very special care and lots of attention, they are at a very delicate stage of their life where if things go wrong, it could stay with them for life. So introducing them to new experiences gently is crucial but it's also at this stage when your pup begins to cut the apron strings and will want to explore and wander off by themselves. They get the teenage rebellion courage that will leave you feeling like all the training you've put in has been a total waste of time and it's at this stage of life when going back to basics and repetitive simple games will totally get ingrained into their brains. Sometimes you need to go backwards a little to go forwards.

The puppy trails offer a way for you to get back-up with your training from an experienced dog walker, it will teach your pup to be happily away from their owner which could help separation anxiety. We teach the best type of socialisation which means your pup will be very happy around other dogs but the attention will be more on you, this may help to stops dogs being ball obsessed or chasing other dogs and squirrels.


We teach canine social distancing, encouraging your dog to stay away from other people and dogs which means you can pick the dogs they can socialise with, making meetings safe and more fun. It's very important that your puppy gets the the correct socialisation with the right dogs.


We play scent games because dogs love working with humans, it is what they are designed for and your pup will have the best time finding treats in the grass whilst mentally tiring them out. 

There are only two spaces on each walk for pups as we want to give them our full attention, we may add an older dog who needs a walk so they can meet new dogs who we know are safe and can teach them how to be good (we call them teaching assistants!).


We like to stay in a small area and do lots of activities so that there isn't lots of walking that will put pressure on your puppies growth plates and because it's such a small group we can increase the walking as they get older.

With only 4 spaces available, on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, email now to secure your place.

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