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Canine Wilderness Trails

Going the extra mile, literally!

The Big Adventure 1.5 hours  

As the sun comes up we get prepared for what is going to be an action packed early morning dog walking which means you get to stay in bad a bit longer.. We pick your dog up from your home and receive the warmest and waggiest welcome. We pop your dog into a secure cage in the van where lots of warm sniffs and hello are met from the other friendly dogs and off we go away from Honiton to the beautiful woodlands and hilltops of the Blackdown Hills.

An intimate dog walk of up to 4, for maximum attention we want your dog to enjoy, play and learn direct from the handler to strengthen focus so they stay safe and trouble free from wildlife, farm animals and even other walkers with their dogs. 

Our aim is for your dog to get all their enjoyment through brilliant games and learning tricks which helps us build a bond and it helps you to build a platform for easier training. A dog isn't going to learn if they are too interested in everything else around them.

Playing hide and seek, sniffari's, find the treat, spin, sit and stays, this way that way and many more keeps your dog on his toes so boredom doesn't set in and he finds his own enjoyment.

We specialise in active dogs because we know how much daily exercise they need and this Big Adventure will provide nearly all of that. Active dogs like having a job to do and love guidance and working for their treats, using their senses and learning how to do things tires the brains as well as the bones.

After an hour and a half we return to the van for a drink and a rubdown before we return back to your house where Rover will have the best snooze and feel settled and content for the rest of the day. We also believe that teaching your dog to be by themselves is a very important part of dog care and helps to keep separation anxiety at bay. 

This is an ideal solution for dogs that are a little bit nervous or shy but dog friendly, they need a bit more guidance with recall and focus work, who's owners would like a bit of a dog walking break or want their fur buddy tired and settled for the rest of the day.  

Who wants to join?   

Why don't you add a pop in service to break up your dogs day even more and giving them a chance for a toilet break  in the afternoon if you work all day for £7 extra?

There are only limited spaces available so get in contact now by phone, for a chat or sign up to find out How to Stop Your Dog From Running Off and to find out more.

The lunch time Adventure 45mins

Designed for the all day worker who wants to break up the day for their bored pooch allowing them to enjoy the wilderness  dog walk with their own friends exploring and playing games.


A maximum of six dogs who are individually caged in the van, they will enjoy a fun packed adventure stretching the legs and tiring the brain and the bones before returning to the comfort of their own home.


This is a high paced intensive walk designed for gun and working dogs who love to have a job.  

Who wants to join? The ideal dog needs to be dog friendly, have good recall and lead manners and have good health. If your dog needs  guidance I would suggest booking big adventures until they're a good dog! If you have a small dog take a look at our Friday cute club, this is a fantastic dog walk that's dedicated to the little ones.

Adventure pick ups typically starts at 11am or 2pm so collection up to an hour before.

Wilderness Day

An alternative to doggy day care which allows your dog to relax in the comfort of their own home between dog walks. Your dog will join The Big Adventure in the morning and later in the afternoon for a late lunch time adventure. We'll leave your dog to settle alone after our tiring walks because all your dog will want to do is have a good rest and what better way to do it in their own surroundings? You won't have to walk your dog in the morning or in the evening giving you the welcome break that you need.

Your dog will have to be in good health and dog friendly, they will need to have good lead skills and be good off the lead. This isn't suitable for dogs that already have separation anxiety or aggression issues. Your dog will be in the van travelling with other dogs so will need to be relaxed and happy whilst we pick up the other dogs.

Who wants to join?

forest school for dogs who enjoy nature and the great outdoors!


The Friday Cute Club

A specialised dog walk group for small dogs who don't want the rough and tumble of the big brutes. The more relaxed adventure encourages sniffing games and exploring more than fast walking and distance.

The occasional big dog joins us to show us little dogs they're actually alright but they're always in the minority.  

Maximum of 6 dog friendly dogs who all have their little size in common and won't get trod on or run over! 


The Friday Cute Club is a specialised Mini adventure dog walk and pick up starts at 11am   

Who wants to join? This group is for little friendly dogs who have good recall and will stay with you on a walk. They must be big dog friendly and travel well 


How it all works

So you like what you see and you're ready to explore further, why not find out more here to get a free guide on How to Stop Your Dog From Running Off You'll also get weekly updates about what we get up to on the adventures and great information on dog care. What's not to like?


If you're ready and raring to go the whole hog give us a call here .

We will have an informal chat on the phone and then we can arrange a meet and greet where we will come round to your house so you can find out if you and your dog likes the cut of our jib.


We will ask you lots of questions about health, likes, dislikes and you can ask us questions too. Not all dogs are going to be suitable for a group trails so we very carefully select the dogs that we know are going to be a good fit helping to protect the happiness of the dogs that we already have. This will be your dog one day and they will always come first before any new dog.

After the meet and greet we can then arrange two trial solo play trails which will help us build a friendship and get to know what we expect of each other. We will play lots of games, see how wonderful your dogs recall is and have some fuss and cuddles to reassure them. We keep all new dogs on the lead for at least the first four or five outings even if you say they are perfect!

Four more trial group trails just to make doubly sure everybody's happy and then we'll officially welcome you and Rover into the Wilderness Trail Club!

The Benefits

  • Pick up and drop off at your house or work place within our catchment area.

  • We will clean your dog off and if you have access to a hose we will be happy to give them a good clean, especially if the little toad rolls in nasties!

  • Water top up as standard and feeding if needed.

  • Individual caging for safe transport and their own space so no arguments can happen.

  • Photo up dates and videos of top tips so you can copy what we do on our walks.

  • We will keep in contact through e-mails with a weekly series on canine care information, updates on our services and great stories to make you smile.

  • The safest and most beautiful sites and trails so your dog can go wild and enjoy the great out doors.

  • A long list of activities to keep them entertained and focused on the handler.

  • We strongly respect other walkers and our mission is to stop the dogs from approaching them purely by being more interesting!  

  • There are lots of little lovely surprises for you and your dogs, but we like to keep them secret to make your time with us even more special!



Jane Dashwood

I have nothing but positive things to say about Park Life as a service. From my first contact message via FB, through to meeting Jude and discussing what I needed for Ada (our rescue crossbreed) I was impressed with her professional but friendly manner. Like most of us, I have to work so I was looking for Ada to have exercise and mental stimulation on those days, along with building her confidence around other dogs. Park Life has different walks for quieter dogs and alternative Big Adventure walks for more exuberant dogs. The focus of the walks is all about getting the dogs interacting with her and getting them to use their minds, as well as muscles. All owners get a video sent via a message when their dog is out on a walk so you can see what they’ve been up to, which is fab! Jude is natural dog lover who works very hard to “get the measure” of the dogs in her care, and has certainly done so with our Ada. Even down to providing a range of doggy treats to tempt our diva and help her to focus! Ada is now so much better around other dogs and SO excited when Jude comes to pick her up. I no longer feel guilty about going to work, I have a relaxed and happy dog, and full confidence in Jude’s ability to treat our dog like one of her own. All in all a great service…….


Stephanie Snooks

Jude was a life saver, my dog was doing doggy daycare and the owners retired. Jude thankfully saved us and took Missy on 5 days a week! My dog Missy slowly came out of her shell and started to socialise with the dogs more and more. Jude has been brilliant with her, extremely patient and caring. Even with the endless barking!

I wouldn’t know what to do with out Jude. She is brilliant and I would recommend her to everyone. She really does care and do fantastic work with the dogs.
Thank you Jude x

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