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Jude's STORY

I always wanted to become self employed and get back to working with animals.


I just always knew I had the drive and determination to crack on and make the very best of my vast experiences and interests.

It all came about in 2015 after the love of my life Cloe my lurcher had passed away after a long illness and old age and I wasn't working.

Standing on the top of Roundball Hill with my parent greyhound Marcus overlooking Honiton I just put a post on face book saying I might go into dog walking.


I got an overwhelming response and well... 

That was that really.

I was done with employment and knew I'd be good at working for myself.

So all the bad jobs... and the good ones has lead me to this point in time. 

And that horrendous moment where I thought "well done Jude, you royal messed that up"

Turned into, It’s actually the best thing that could of happened to me.


This is what I was meant for all along.


From working on the mobile donkey clinics in Ethiopia, leaving school to work in a pet shop and attending college to do a course in animal care, looking after children and adults with complex disabilities in their own homes, working for the Devon County Council on forest school projects (job title - fruit fairy!) to building bespoke furniture for Russian Olygarchs and multi billionaires.


It lead me to here.


And I love it.


All I want is to do my best for you and to provide the best service.

I wanted to create quality and not quantity.

I want you to feel that I've got your back when it comes to your pets.

I want you to see me as a family friend that you can rely on and you love having a laugh and a chat with.

I want your pets to see me as their friend and get super excited when I turn up.

I want you to feel you can completely trust me with the loves of your life and your home.

I want to take the pressure off your daily life or around holiday time so you can relax more.

And most of all I want to work for brilliant people who I completely respect and love working for.

Because life is for living.

Find out more by reading my blog :-

If you want to find out more about Jude and Park Life and the stories we tell the best way to do that is sign up to our email, you will get a free guide on How to Stop Your Dog From Running Away and lots more information. Our story has only just begun.


Phil Woodly


 With a large rescue dog, it was important to find someone we could trust who would be sympathetic but able to cope with our extremely energetic (and not always easy to recall!) young GSP. Park life provided an answer to our prayers- a weekly chance for Hector to burn off some steam in a safe environment, whilst having an opportunity to socialise with other dogs. Jude also takes time to work on recall and gives regular updates, which are much appreciated so we can see what fun our boy is having, while we are at work and not able to join him. Couldn’t recommend enough! 


Graham Smith


  Here's a quote for you: "I love the days when our dogs get walked by Jude as I know that halfway through the day I'll get an email with a video of the walk. I love watching the video and seeing the dogs having a great time out in the fresh air - a real tonic for when I'm stuck in the office. Unless it's raining of course in which case I'm glad that it's Jude out there rather than me.


Hannah Wheatly


Me and Dexter (my cavalier king Charlie’s spaniel) have only been living in Devon for 4 months and we are so glad to have found Jude and Park Life. He absolutely loves his weekly walks and is always so happy to see Jude when she arrives to pick him up. Jude always sends videos and pictures which always make me smile. I feel comfortable knowing he is in safe hands and I would most definitely recommend the services of park life to anyone.

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