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Kitty cat calls 

Are you going on holiday or working away and have to leave your cat behind?

Do you worry that your cat will hate going to a cattery or you don't want to ask your neighbour or friend again?

Or do you feel it would put your mind at rest to use our service with constant updates and photos whilst you're away?

Park Life know that it can be a worrying time leaving your pets, and that's why from the moment you enquire, we will send you confirmations, and we will send photos and videos whilst you are away of your pet so you know they're being well looked after and we also ask that you tell us when you are home so we can officially log off. We will always make sure we can do extra days in case you can't get back for what ever reason.

So whether you have a cat, snake, rodents, chickens, donkeys, pigs or an elephant we will be there for you even if it's a last minute panic because something has gone wrong.


We will be the family friend who you can trust and you feel happy to ask and that will give you peace of mind. 

To see if we're right for you Park Life offer a free meet and greet at your home before we book you in.


Drop In                                £10

A 15 minute drop in service for pets that require little attention depending on their character or needs. They may not want a stranger disturbing and upsetting them or they may have friends to keep them company. This service provides all the care they need in one fell swoop. Sometimes my customers add a few Good Pampering or some Moggycoddles to give their pet a bit more love for a premium service. 

Call now to arrange a meet and greet


 A Good Pampering         £18

30 Minute of play time fuss and cuddle, this service goes one better by allowing more time for the emotional care of your pet. Some pets get lonely and need more attention or perhaps their care is more complicated and need more time to do all the chores. With a Good Pampering we can build a friendship to take their mind away from you not being there.

Call now to arrange a meet and greet


Moggycoddles                  £25

Lets knuckle down and have a love in! This luxury 1 hour service is loads more than the bare essentials by giving your pet a chance to connect and make best friends. We will sit on the sofa and offer a luxury lap to be massaged or a play in the garden in the sunshine. You will feel glad knowing play time and great company mean your pet won't care that you're not there.

Call now to arrange a meet and greet


Kathryn Wilkerson


I feel so much better about going away knowing that Jude will be looking after our 3 cats. We love seeing the photos and updates we get everyday. Couldn't recommend highly enough! Thank you!


Emma Pettifer


Jude has been looking after our boys since we first moved to the area in 2016. Merlin and Mons took to her straight away, always a good sign! The regular updates (video and photo) we get when they are in her care, are always very reassuring and we look forward to receiving them. She will go the extra mile and made extra fuss of them when we were away for their birthday. We highly recommend Jude and wouldn’t use anyone else. A big thank you from the boys!


Mark Westlake


Having found no one offering small animal holiday care I was very lucky to have Jude recommended to me . The pre holiday visit to see exactly how I wanted my guinea pigs looked after was very helpful . Jude takes real care of your animals . Keeps you updated on how they are . I would highly recommend her . A very friendly , trustworthy and animal loving person . Who took the hassle out of what to do with small animals when going on holiday. 

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