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Dog owners of Honiton, do you worry about your dog during the day whilst you're at work?  

Maybe you feel your dog needs some great socialisation because he doesn't get to meet other dogs very often and you feel he needs some good doggy friends?

 Maybe you just want to give your dog the best life, eliminate the boredom and give them a job to do whilst sneaking in a bit of good guidance with aunty Jude.


If your circumstances have changed, you're out for longer during the day or you struggle to get home at lunch time to let your dog out for a wee and you need a dog walker Park Life can help you.


With our canine forest school we specialise in helping busy people with demanding jobs who own active dogs and have a busy home life. I'm not just a dog walker, I provide an action packed Canine Wilderness Trail across Hontion which will help prevent boredom that can lead to behavioural issues. 


They will learn great skills to help with focus, recall and basic commands by playing fun, safe, positive games to help strengthen their training. Our customers say it gives them peace of mind knowing their dog is with an experienced dog walker and love seeing the videos and photos of their fur buddy having the time of their life whilst they're at work.

The 6th emergency service!

Designed for top professionals who work long hard hours like doctors, dentists and nurses.




If you want a free guide of top tips on How to Stop Your Dog From Running off so you can enjoy a safe and stress free walk and to find out more about what we do, sign up to our email list now and I'll send it to you straight away.

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The Canine Wilderness Trails were developed and honed after realising dog play can actually do more harm than good. Don't get us wrong, we want your dogs to have the best time possible so we replace that fun with games and excitement that come from the walker, which creates much better control.


Your dog is drawn towards excitement like a fat Labradoor is to cake. By being the excitee we teach your dog that being around other dogs is a fantastic experience when they're focused on us... even if that does mean we run around like spoons trying to achieve that.

If you want to know the ins and outs of the wilderness trails...



Our Luxury pet and cat sitting is a fine balance of looking after you and your pets. Going away on holiday or work trips can be a little worrying so our aim is to keep constant contact so you have piece of mind whilst giving you the choice of how much time we spend with your pet. A complete alternative to catteries that will leave your cat settled and you'll know someone is keeping an eye on your house.

Sorry, we aren't able to cater for dogs at this time as they need full time overnight care.


Dr Tim Ward


Hey Jude, I’m just so glad, You took a sad dog, And made him better! You cater, for his every whim, Wagging his tail, it’s just a win-win! Nah nah nah naaah nah.... You get the idea. Jude is awesome. Guinness loves her, we all love her. Long rambles in the woods and hills of East Devon, all the while honing their doggy skills with drills and games. Not just a dog walker but a canine guru who brings back a tired but happy hound who can’t wait for the next walkies. Don’t waste your time looking any further!


Carole Grant


If you are looking for a first class dog walker then Jude at Park Life is a must. This lovely lady is no ordinary dog walker, she cares for your fur baby as if they were her own. She engages them in play and takes them on fantastic adventures no matter what the weather. Riley my fur baby has benefitted so much from his walks with Jude and gets so excited when he knows she taking him out. If I ask him “where’s Jude?” He is up at the window looking for her. Thank you so much Jude x 💕


Amy Seaborne


Jude is so amazing with all the dogs and has THE best program for outings, with a selective hearing, over excited and what was fast becoming an out of control spaniel. Jude was quite literally a life saver and one of the only people I have felt completely relaxed with taking our naughty little cocker out. Within two trips out with Jude we saw such a difference in our dogs general behaviour, but not only that Jude was so supportive and gave us some really brilliant advice to help us with our dogs focus and behaviour. She sends videos and pictures while they are out to share her techniques, so we could continue them at home and it was great to see our dog out and about having a fantastic time, as well as how focused she had become and made us feel apart of everything she does. Would 100%recommend Jude, She’s not just a dog walker.

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